ROCKET POWER | Help Keep Kids Active with Youth Fit!

By Erica, Fundraising Coordinator, Rocket Sports Media


MONTREAL, QC. — Rocket Sports Media is always happy to encourage its readers to take part in physical activity. A new crowdfunding project out of Vaughan, Ontario, is trying to do just that. Youth Fit! is a project pioneered by a local organization, Kater 2 Kids, destined to help children and teenagers stay active through a variety of high-tech activities and games, and is looking for donations to help fund its state-of-the-art fitness and activities centre.

Both costs and competitive levels of youth sports activities are rising. It’s not always possible for a child to join a sports team, so a centre like Youth Fit! might just be exactly what’s needed for many kids and teenagers in Vaughan. After-school programs and summer camps give youth an opportunity to have somewhere to go where they will not only  be safe and supervised, but where they can stay in shape, stay healthy, and make friends. Youth Fit! has a mission to increase physical activity and healthy nutrition habits among children and teens, in order to reduce the incidence of obesity and Type II Diabetes. In 2011, overweight/obesity rates for Canadian teenagers stood at 17 percent for girls and 24 percent for boys.

Anyone interested in donating is welcome to visit their Indiegogo campaign online or the Kater 2 Kids website for more information.

RSM souhaite la bienvenue aux Fantômes du Forum de Montréal

par Brittany Freitas, Coordonnatrice des relations publiques, Rocket Sports Média – traduit par Kathy K.

MONTREAL, QC. — Rocket Sports Média est fier d’annoncer la formation d’un nouveau partenariat avec Fantômes du Forum. Nous sommes ravis de les accueillir dans la famille RSM.

Chez Rocket Sports Média (RSM), nous contribuons à bâtir une communauté mondiale et engagée d’amateurs sports. Nous nous sommes engagés à fournir de l’information et du divertissement pour celle-ci, et notre collaboration avec Fantômes du Forum nous aidera à continuer de développer le réseau.

FDFlogoMRFantômes du Forum (FdF) est un forum/groupe de discussion francophone centré autour du Canadien de Montréal, qui vise aussi à maintenir une atmosphère légère et familiale. FdF accueille l’humour ainsi que le développement de nouveaux liens d’amitié en discutant le hockey ou n’importe quel autre sujet dans une manière animée et divertissante.

Un des objectifs primaires de FdF est de soutenir les organisations charitables. RSM incorporera cette portion de la mission de FdF dans notre initiative “Rocket Power” où les partisans peuvent s’unir afin de faire une différence dans la vie des autres.

aalemagazine1«All Habs Hockey Magazine» est la publication phare de RSM, qui met en vigueur du contenu original publié dans quatre langues. Nous avons l’intention de présenter Fantômes comme composante essentielle du lancement du Magazine All Habs. Le Magazine fait partie de notre stratégie d’élargir notre couverture francophone afin de satisfaire la demande croissante.

Le slogan de FdF est comme suit : «C’est effrayant à quel point on a du plaisir.» Nous pensons que vous aurez du plaisir aussi. Glissez un mot à vos amis : les Fantômes du Forum de Montréal ont une nouvelle adresse.

Nous sommes fiers de ce nouveau partenariat. Notre équipe en pleine expansion travaillera fort afin de vous fournir avec une expérience inédite, en continuant de vous amener une communauté de hockey en ligne de la plus haute qualité.

RSM Welcomes Ghosts of the Montreal Forum

By Brittany Freitas, Public Relations Coordinator, Rocket Sports Media

MONTREAL, QC. — Rocket Sports Media is proud to announce a new partnership with Fantômes du Forum. We are excited to welcome them into the RSM family.

At Rocket Sports Media (RSM) we are dedicated to building an engaged community of sports fans world-wide. We are committed to keeping that community informed and entertained, and our collaboration with Fantômes du Forum will help us to continue building connections.

FDFlogoMRFantômes du Forum (FdF) is a French-language forum / discussion group centered around the Montreal Canadiens, which also focuses on keeping a light-hearted and family atmosphere. FdF fosters humour and development of new friendships while talking about hockey or any other subject in a lively and entertaining manner.

One of FdF’s main goals is to support charitable organizations. RSM will incorporate that portion of the FdF mission into our “Rocket Power” initiative, where fans can unite to make a difference in the lives of others.

aalemagazine1All Habs Hockey Magazine is the flagship digital publication of RSM which features original content published in four languages. We intend to feature Fantômes as a key component of our launch of Le Magazine All Habs. Le Magazine is part of our strategy to broaden our French language coverage to meet increasing demand.

The motto of FdF is “C’est effrayant à quel point on a du plaisir / It’s scary how much we enjoy.” We think that you will enjoy too. Tell your friends that the ghosts of the Montreal Forum have a new home.

We are proud of this new partnership. Our newly expanded writing team will be working hard to provide you with a new fan experience as we continue bringing you a premiere online hockey community.

en Français: RSM souhaite la bienvenue aux Fantômes du Forum de Montréal

ROCKET POWER | Join Fellow Sports Fans in the Typhoon Relief Effort

by Erica, Fundraising Specialist,

MONTREAL, QC. — It’s time for us all to team up for a common goal.

When a natural disaster strikes, especially on the other side of the world, it can be hard for us to imagine the extent of the damage. We hear of people losing their lives or their homes, and of aid efforts rushing in to do whatever is possible. We hope that there’s enough food and medical attention for the victims. One thing that I know I haven’t always thought about is what happens as a country tries to rebuild after such a disaster.

(Reuters/Erik De Castro)
(Reuters/Erik De Castro)

It’s happened (unfortunately) many times in the past, and it’s happened again in the Philippines in the wake of Super Typhoon Haiyan (called Yolanda in the Philippines.) Ten thousand people are believed dead; hundreds of thousands more have lost their homes. The areas most affected by the typhoon are home to about 15 million people. It’s quite possible that we in North America haven’t even seen the full effects of the devastation on the news (see video below from Tacloban City.) We might be lacking some details, but we know one thing for sure: there are people who need our help.

As such, Rocket Sports Media, through its Rocket Power charitable program, is asking for your help by introducing the All Habs Typhoon Relief Effort.  All Habs Hockey Magazine is an RSM publication that brings together hockey fans of the Montreal Canadiens.  This tight-knit community is unwavering in its support of the Habs.  This passionate fan base has expressed a desire to pull together in tough times to demonstrate their caring spirit.
But this effort goes beyond team affiliation.  Rocket Power is a mechanism that we have carefully developed over the past four years to unite sports fans to make a difference in the lives of those in need.
We want to bring your attention to this desperate situation and come together to raise funds for Humanitarian Coalition – comprised of Oxfam Canada, Oxfam QuebecCARE Canada, Plan Canada, and Save the Children. Many of these organizations have had long-standing outposts in the Philippines and were prepared to provide aid as soon as disaster struck.
For our friends south of the border, we suggest that you contribute to the American Red Cross to help their global response effort.

We have set a modest goal — we hope that you will join your fellow hockey friends to help us reach it.  Please contribute what you can or challenge fellow fans:

(Reuters/Erik De Castro)
(Reuters/Erik De Castro)
  • Pledge a dollar amount for every Habs goal or win
  • Pledge a dollar amount for every loss by your least favourite team
  • Choose a player and donate his jersey number or pledge for every point or penalty minute he gets
  • Get your hockey pool involved and have people donate after they lose
We want to hear your donation story! Share it with us in the comments section.
As an added bonus, the Canadian government has announced that they’ll match every donation made to registered Canadian charities for typhoon relief. Your donation will go twice as far, and may be tax-deductible if you’re a Canadian resident, so what are you waiting for?
Get creative! Help us reach our goal. You’ll feel really good about it, and you’ll be helping people who desperately need it. Visit the Rocket Power donation portal – your money goes directly to the Humanitarian Coalition – and make a donation by December 1st, 2013.

Rocket Power is an initiative pioneered by Rocket Sports Media designed to mobilize hockey fans to support charitable organizations and to get involved in their communities.

ROCKET POWER | Rocket Sports Supports Autism Speaks

Rocket Power is an initiative pioneered by Rocket Sports Media designed to mobilize hockey fans to support charitable organizations and to get involved in their communities. We proud to help raise awareness with a series of continuing features  intended to spotlight members of the hockey community who are making a difference.

By Erica, Fundraising Coordinator, Rocket Power

excerpted from All Habs Hockey Magazine :

MONTREAL, QC. — Wendy Ferris Groulx has been instrumental in involving the Montreal Canadiens with fundraisers for autism spectrum disorders. She and her husband, Canadiens goaltending coach Pierre Groulx, are parents to twin boys. One of the twins, Leo, was diagnosed with autism just over a year ago. Here, she discusses her, and the Canadiens’, involvement with Autism Speaks, to raise both funds and public awareness for the disorder.

walknow-300x104How did you get involved with Autism Speaks?

This happened through the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation. Our of our twin boys, Leo, was diagnosed with autism a little more than a year ago, a couple of months before his 3rd birthday. During the lockout, my husband spoke with Geneviève Paquette, the executive director of the Montreal Canadiens Children’s Foundation and suggested that the Foundation do something to promote autism awareness, if possible. She then brought this all together, with Pierre and I creating Team Canadiens-Pierre Groulx for Walk Now for Autism Speaks, and both Autism Speaks and the social-services group CRDI-Montérégie coming together to promote autism awareness at the April 1 game at the Bell Centre.

Read the entire article titled “Rocket Power: Canadiens Speaking up for Autism Speaks” at


Are you a hockey fan trying to make a difference or raise money for a good cause? We’d love to hear from you. Email erica(at) and we’ll be in touch!

ROCKET POWER | RSM Supports Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation Initiative

Rocket Power is an initiative pioneered by Rocket Sports Media designed to mobilize hockey fans to support charitable organizations and to get involved in their communities. We proud to help raise awareness with a series of continuing features  intended to spotlight members of the hockey community who are making a difference.

By Erica, Fundraising Coordinator, Rocket Power

excerpted from Hockey Pub :

MONTREAL, QC. — Melissa Milonow, a 23-year-old Habs fan living in Ottawa, is an athlete who’s not afraid of a challenge. After all, she was drafted to the CWHL a few years ago. She recently sought out local fundraising events that would allow her to do two things she loves: helping others and staying in shape. Next week, she’ll be doing both at a fundraising event in Ottawa.

Melissa Tell us a bit about this event.

The event I am participating in is called Bust a Move (For Breast Health) and it is a one-day fitness and fundraising event to celebrate and fight for breast health. “Bust a Move” was founded in Halifax in 2010 and has since raised over two million dollars for breast health programs.

The Ottawa edition of Bust A Move is being organized by the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. It takes place on March 2 at the Ottawa Athletic Club and involves five hours of fitness sessions – yes, I will be working out for the entire five hours! Hour 1 involves dancing and stepping to rock style music; hour 2 involves dance routines with a Zumba flavour; hour 3 is a flow yoga class; hour 4 is a kickboxing and martial arts workout and finally hour 5 is Urban Dance.

Read the entire article titled “Rocket Power: Melissa Busts a Move for Breast Health” at


Are you a hockey fan trying to make a difference or raise money for a good cause? We’d love to hear from you. Email erica(at) and we’ll be in touch!

Rocket Sports Media Emerges As New Digital Sports Publishing Company



Rocket Sports Media, Inc. Emerges As New Digital Sports Publishing Company

Montreal, QC – January 14, 2013 — A new name in digital sports publishing was announced today with the creation of Rocket Sports Media, Inc., established January 1, 2013.  Led by President and Founder Rick Stephens, Rocket Sports Media, Inc. (RSM) is a digital media publisher of premier sports and entertainment websites.

“Launching Rocket Sports Media is the next logical step in an ambitious plan to attract sports enthusiasts who are increasingly getting their information from premier online sources who are both professional and credible.  RSM will provide us with the organizational structure necessary to attract partners while retaining the nimbleness to be extremely responsive to our readers,” says Stephens.

Its website,, officially launched today and serves as a business-to-business portal connecting business owners with exceptional avenues through which to promote their products and/or venues while also engaging current or potential partners.  The site also serves as a place to describe RSM’s organizational mission that Stephens says is built on a model that stresses community building.  He adds that the company’s view is to provide an all-encompassing global reach for sports enthusiasts and says, “We aim to inform, entertain and engage while connecting with fans world-wide.”

RSM is responsible for publishing two website brands, All Habs Hockey Magazine ( and Hockey Pub (  “We have devoted the past few years to developing our brand recognition, recruiting a top-notch writing team, and connecting with sports fans around the world,” explains Stephens.  “We have become a trusted source in the hockey world, hold a dominant position in social media, and we are a recognized leader in organizing fan events.”

All Habs is a digital hockey magazine with a primary focus on the Montreal Canadiens.  It is known as a trusted source for Habs news and in-depth analysis, giving passionate fans their daily dose of all things related to their favourite team.  With over 58,000 followers, @All_Habs is ranked as the 15th most influential hockey account on Twitter, giving them an unmatched audience reach in social media.

Publishing daily original content 12 months of the year in four languages (English, French, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese), All Habs is comprised of a team of writers, many of whom are degreed, experienced journalists, who write from a variety of perspectives producing original content in a variety of languages.  The site also boasts team members who contribute work as photographers, video editors and event planners all committed to creating premiere products and fan experiences.

Hockey Pub serves a directory of sports bars for fans to discover the best places to watch a game. It is a handy guide for locals as well as business travelers. Visitors can read reviews and share opinions on food, drink, TV-viewing and sports atmosphere, all characteristics that make for a great fan experience.  Hockey Pub is also a place for sports fans to learn about Hockey Parties, autograph signings and other fan events.

Additionally, RSM uses the extensive reach of its brands to fuel Rocket Power, a philanthropic initiative aimed at partnering with charitable organizations in an effort to mobilize sports fans to make a difference in the lives of others.  Successful collaborations have included Hockey Fights Cancer, Five Hole for Food, and the Max Pacioretty Foundation.

For more information regarding Rocket Sports Media, Inc., its publications, or for advertising inquiries, please contact Rick Stephens at



Twitter: @RocketSportsInc