ROCKET POWER | Help Keep Kids Active with Youth Fit!

By Erica, Fundraising Coordinator, Rocket Sports Media


MONTREAL, QC. — Rocket Sports Media is always happy to encourage its readers to take part in physical activity. A new crowdfunding project out of Vaughan, Ontario, is trying to do just that. Youth Fit! is a project pioneered by a local organization, Kater 2 Kids, destined to help children and teenagers stay active through a variety of high-tech activities and games, and is looking for donations to help fund its state-of-the-art fitness and activities centre.

Both costs and competitive levels of youth sports activities are rising. It’s not always possible for a child to join a sports team, so a centre like Youth Fit! might just be exactly what’s needed for many kids and teenagers in Vaughan. After-school programs and summer camps give youth an opportunity to have somewhere to go where they will not only  be safe and supervised, but where they can stay in shape, stay healthy, and make friends. Youth Fit! has a mission to increase physical activity and healthy nutrition habits among children and teens, in order to reduce the incidence of obesity and Type II Diabetes. In 2011, overweight/obesity rates for Canadian teenagers stood at 17 percent for girls and 24 percent for boys.

Anyone interested in donating is welcome to visit their Indiegogo campaign online or the Kater 2 Kids website for more information.