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How do Sports Fans Use Twitter?








RSM and UQAM Collaborate to Research Use of Twitter by Sports Fans

For Immediate Release:

June 6, 2013

MONTREAL, QC — Representatives from Rocket Sports Media, Inc. (RSM) announced today a new initiative in collaboration with the School of Management at the University of Quebec at Montreal (ESG UQAM).  RSM is the digital publisher of premiere sports and entertainment websites such as All Habs Hockey Magazine ( and Hockey Pub ( The success of these sites and their dominant position in social media has attracted the attention of researchers looking to learn more about the impact of social media in the sports industry.

Sallim Dahman, a master’s student in marketing at ESG UQAM, understands the power of social media and has decided to focus his thesis on the use of Twitter by sports organizations. One of the components of his work involves an online survey he has created with the assistance of his research director, Francois Marticotte. The survey will be used to gather information on the habits of sports fans and their use of Twitter.

With more than 62,000 people following the All Habs Twitter account (@All_Habs), Dahman recognized the advantage in partnering with RSM and approached President and Founder Rick Stephens with a proposal to work together. Stephens was immediately intrigued by the idea, and says he believes it presents a unique opportunity to learn more about the dedicated readers of All Habs, while contributing expertise to a talented student in the Montreal educational community.

“Given my background in survey research, I fully appreciate its value in planning and effective decision-making,” said Stephens. “I am pleased to collaborate with Sallim and with UQAM on this project that will contribute to a growing body of work on the importance of social media. At the same time, it will provide us with an opportunity to forge an even stronger connection with our worldwide community.”

The survey will help to determine if the use of Twitter by sports organizations affects their brand loyalty amongst fans. Targeted to Twitter users age 18 and over, it will also measure brand trust, commitment and involvement. At least 500 participants will fill out the questionnaire, conducted in both French and English, which will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.

“All Habs has become a trusted brand in the hockey world,” said Stephens.  “Our success and ability to compete with the mainstream media is a direct result of the commitment and loyalty of our readers.”

The survey can be completed by all sports fans even those without a Twitter account. It can be found online here:

French version of the survey

English version of the survey


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Rocket Sports Media Announces Partnership with True Rivalry Apparel




Rocket Sports Media Announces Partnership with True Rivalry Apparel

MONTREAL, QC. – March 23, 2013 — This week, Rocket Sports Media, Inc. (RSM) and True Rivalry announced a new partnership created to give passionate sports fans a different way to make their voices heard.  The initiative is led by Rick Stephens, President and Founder of Rocket Sports Media, and Jason Portnoy, President and Founder of True Rivalry.

RSM is a digital media publisher of premier sports and entertainment websites like All Habs Hockey Magazine ( and Hockey Pub (  “We have become a trusted source in the hockey world, hold a dominant position in social media, and we are a recognized leader in organizing fan events,” says Stephens.  RSM holds a mission to provide an all-encompassing global reach for sports enthusiasts by finding ways to inform, entertain, and engage them.

A partnership with True Rivalry ( goes a long way towards fulfilling that mission.  True Rivalry is a Montreal-based sports apparel designer and manufacturer specializing in unlicensed merchandise geared  toward fans of all sports and teams.  “We cater to all levels,” says Portnoy, “from the ones who would miss their own wedding for a playoff game, to the casual fan, and even to the person who just wants to wear a cool and stylish looking tee.”

By combining the influential online presence of RSM’s brands and their popular fan events with the unique, quality merchandise of True Rivalry, sports fans will have an opportunity to speak their mind and support their favorite teams in an array of different avenues: online, in person, and as part of their wardrobe.  Stephens believes fans will greatly benefit from this new collaboration and adds, “At Rocket Sports Media, we are committed to being innovative in our industry and responsive to our community.  I’m thrilled to be involved with a company that has a similar business philosophy and has demonstrated a distinct ability to tap into the pulse of passionate sports fans.”

Portnoy agrees that the partnership with RSM is a perfect fit for him and his growing company.  “I just think the ideas for collaboration are endless.  I am excited to be working with a group that shares the same thought mentality, strategy, and vision that we pretty much use to run True Rivalry.”  He adds that he has admired the work of RSM as a loyal reader of All Habs Hockey Magazine.  “It’s a website that isn’t afraid to start a conversation and debate.”  Stephens is equally supportive of True Rivalry’s products and says, “It’s refreshing to work with a business that’s helping fans to truly express themselves and make a statement.  They accurately capture what’s in the minds of sports enthusiasts and offer a quality product that you are proud to wear.”

True Rivalry merchandise will appear in various giveaways, promotions, and prizes online and at RSM-sponsored events.


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Rocket Sports Media Emerges As New Digital Sports Publishing Company



Rocket Sports Media, Inc. Emerges As New Digital Sports Publishing Company

Montreal, QC – January 14, 2013 — A new name in digital sports publishing was announced today with the creation of Rocket Sports Media, Inc., established January 1, 2013.  Led by President and Founder Rick Stephens, Rocket Sports Media, Inc. (RSM) is a digital media publisher of premier sports and entertainment websites.

“Launching Rocket Sports Media is the next logical step in an ambitious plan to attract sports enthusiasts who are increasingly getting their information from premier online sources who are both professional and credible.  RSM will provide us with the organizational structure necessary to attract partners while retaining the nimbleness to be extremely responsive to our readers,” says Stephens.

Its website,, officially launched today and serves as a business-to-business portal connecting business owners with exceptional avenues through which to promote their products and/or venues while also engaging current or potential partners.  The site also serves as a place to describe RSM’s organizational mission that Stephens says is built on a model that stresses community building.  He adds that the company’s view is to provide an all-encompassing global reach for sports enthusiasts and says, “We aim to inform, entertain and engage while connecting with fans world-wide.”

RSM is responsible for publishing two website brands, All Habs Hockey Magazine ( and Hockey Pub (  “We have devoted the past few years to developing our brand recognition, recruiting a top-notch writing team, and connecting with sports fans around the world,” explains Stephens.  “We have become a trusted source in the hockey world, hold a dominant position in social media, and we are a recognized leader in organizing fan events.”

All Habs is a digital hockey magazine with a primary focus on the Montreal Canadiens.  It is known as a trusted source for Habs news and in-depth analysis, giving passionate fans their daily dose of all things related to their favourite team.  With over 58,000 followers, @All_Habs is ranked as the 15th most influential hockey account on Twitter, giving them an unmatched audience reach in social media.

Publishing daily original content 12 months of the year in four languages (English, French, Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese), All Habs is comprised of a team of writers, many of whom are degreed, experienced journalists, who write from a variety of perspectives producing original content in a variety of languages.  The site also boasts team members who contribute work as photographers, video editors and event planners all committed to creating premiere products and fan experiences.

Hockey Pub serves a directory of sports bars for fans to discover the best places to watch a game. It is a handy guide for locals as well as business travelers. Visitors can read reviews and share opinions on food, drink, TV-viewing and sports atmosphere, all characteristics that make for a great fan experience.  Hockey Pub is also a place for sports fans to learn about Hockey Parties, autograph signings and other fan events.

Additionally, RSM uses the extensive reach of its brands to fuel Rocket Power, a philanthropic initiative aimed at partnering with charitable organizations in an effort to mobilize sports fans to make a difference in the lives of others.  Successful collaborations have included Hockey Fights Cancer, Five Hole for Food, and the Max Pacioretty Foundation.

For more information regarding Rocket Sports Media, Inc., its publications, or for advertising inquiries, please contact Rick Stephens at



Twitter: @RocketSportsInc


All Habs & McLean’s Pub – An Exciting New Chapter



January 27, 2011 /


MONTREAL, QC — Montreal is home to some of the most passionate fans in hockey. On any given game night, pubs all over the city are jam-packed with people looking for good food, cold drinks, fun atmosphere, and of course a Habs win. But that’s not enough. What fans really need is a place they can call their “home” for hockey news and entertainment, whether they’re downtown or perusing a trusted website for information on their favourite team.

This week, All Habs Hockey Magazine ( and McLean’s Pub ( announced a new partnership created to further enhance a growing hockey community of their fans, readers and patrons. By building on a foundation of dedicated supporters, both online and in person, this partnership promises to give hockey fans in Montreal something to truly cheer about.

“Sure we’re sports writers, but more importantly we’re hockey fans. We live and die with the team, enduring the ups and downs together.  We know what fans want to experience.”, says Rick Stephens, Editor-in-Chief of All Habs Hockey Magazine. “We’re all about creating a personal fan experience, engaging Habs enthusiasts in a unique way. It’s like a growing family — the folks at McLean’s see it exactly the same way.  Together, we will continue to build our hockey community to make long-lasting connections both online and in person.”

That translates into even bigger and better fan events called Habs Tweetups, an initiative started by the All Habs Network almost three years ago. Using its dominant position in social media and as a strong, recognized brand in hockey media outlets, Habs Tweetups became a vehicle to allow fans to meet in person and develop long-lasting friendships – a step that Rick claims is a natural progression for friends who meet and chat online.

“Passionate sports fans not only want to follow every move of their team, they want to talk about it with other informed fans – and that’s the case in both good times and bad.  Coming to one of our events for the first time is very exciting but we recognize that it can also be a little daunting. We go the extra mile to personally welcome everyone, introduce them to the others, and make them feel like they are part of the family.”

Popularity for Habs Tweetups quickly grew and these days fans can find them in more than ten different cities in North America – from Montreal to Vancouver to New York City and beyond.

Stuart Ashton, General Manager of McLean’s Pub in Montreal, first learned about Habs Tweetups about a year and a half ago through the All Habs Hockey Magazine. “All Habs has been my source for unbiased and well-informed hockey news for quite some time now. I love my Canadiens and sometimes that hurts, but I can always find out what I need to know on the All Habs website!”

He soon approached Rick to host events at his two restaurants, McLean’s Pub and its former sister pub O’Hara’s. “McLean’s is the ideal place – we are large, loud and full of passion on game days. It makes for an amazing environment to watch hockey.”

Stuart believed his venue would be the perfect place for a Habs Tweetup and adds, “Working with Jay Farrar, who manages for us at night, we assured that the All Habs crew would be well taken care of. Each event has been a success and we look forward to making the next even better than the last!”

The All Habs group has since hosted numerous events at McLean’s Pub, from Habs/Leafs rivalry game viewing parties to a “red carpet” tribute party during the NHL Awards and a pre-season celebration of the 24th Stanley Cup win.  According to Rick, they’ve all been memorable.

“McLean’s has excellent food, is only a stone’s throw from the Bell Centre, and offers a great atmosphere for watching sports of any kind,” he says, “but what really sets them apart is their attentive staff.  The folks at McLean’s are experts at making you feel at home.  They make it a point to learn your name, remember your favourite drink, and ensure that you’ll want to come back again.  Whether hosting an event or catching a game after work, it’s the place I want to be.”

It’s a philosophy of customer service and building genuine relationships which is shared by both entities. According to Stuart, the McLean family motto, “Virtue is our honour”, holds true twenty years after original owner Ian McLean purchased the pub. McLean passed away in 2000, but Stuart and his team work to uphold those values today. “We build long-term relationships with our partners, our suppliers, our staff, and our clientele.”

Rick agrees with that ideal and says the core of All Habs is all about community:

“Our mission is to build a world-wide network of Montreal Canadiens fans who are informed, engaged, entertained, and connected. We try things that other people claim can’t be done, and through committed staff and valued partners we have found success.” — Rick Stephens



The first step in the new partnership will be the addition of a monthly All Habs Night at McLean’s complete with reserved seating to watch a Habs game, a special menu, trivia and prizes and so much more. The events will give fans an opportunity to meet other people who share the same interests but will also include all bar and restaurant patrons to further provide that family feeling.

“It would be tough to match the dedication of the staff at McLean’s and the crew at All Habs,” Rick states. “We’ve been building this relationship for a year and a half. We’re committed for the long-term.”  Stuart happily adds, “All Habs is our partner from now on and we plan on growing together. I cannot wait for our next event!”

Stuart and Rick have already begun sharing even more ideas that will soon become fan favourites.  Watch for the launch of new initiatives in the near future!

——————– is the premiere source for information, news, analysis, and reviews about the Montreal Canadiens.

If you’d like more information about upcoming All Habs fan events at McLean’s, be sure to follow @All_Habs and @habstweetup on Twitter and log on to for updates and reviews. The next Habs Tweetup is February 11th in Toronto – RSVP and details can be found by clicking HERE.

To learn more about McLean’s Pub, log onto to check out their menu and upcoming events.  You can also follow them on Twitter at @mcleanspub and can find Stuart at @stuart_ashton.

Canadiens Coverage: What’s in Store for You

Written by Rick Stephens, All Habs Hockey Magazine

All Habs Team at Canadiens home-opener (Photo by Rick Stephens)

MONTREAL, QC. — This five-day hiatus from Habs hockey has given us an opportunity to review the 11-games played so far and look ahead to what we might expect from the Canadiens in the months to come. Let’s take a few minutes to turn the camera on ourselves and repeat the exercise. With more than 70 regular season games left to play, let’s answer your question “What can we expect from All Habs?”

Our plans are a little more ambitious this year, because there are more of you visiting our site, a lot more! In September we set an all-time record for visits to All Habs — in October, we beat it. In fact we’ve had to move to a new server to accommodate all of you.

If you have ever flown out of San Francisco International Airport you are aware that it is known for it’s particularly steep takeoffs. Well, that is the same trajectory of All Habs over the past year, and we have YOU, the readers to thank for it!

So what makes us different?

First time readers notice that we are called All Habs Hockey Magazine. That’s deliberate — we have assembled a huge amount of exclusive, original content in a digital magazine format. Unlike other websites, you can browse through categories all the way down the main page to find new articles rather than having just one or two recent pieces at the top of the page.

Whether you are looking for in-depth features, game previews and reviews, headline and game day news, fan-focussed pieces, the latest video, or official news releases, you can find it all at All Habs. It’s comprehensive hockey coverage and you can count on us being here to publish fresh content 12 months of the year.

“To build a world-wide network of Montreal Canadiens fans who are informed, engaged, entertained and connected.” — All Habs Network mission statement

As you see from our mission statement, we are well aware that Habs fans are everywhere. We initiated as a way of uniting Canadiens fans who are more than a stones-throw from the Bell Centre. To this end, we provide original content in English, French, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese — we’ve also integrated a translation feature in our toolbar to accommodate those who aren’t part of the four major language groups in the Canadiens fanbase.

The convenience doesn’t stop there. Many feature articles are recorded by a professional voice artist and are available to listen from our site providing another way for visitors to enjoy our offerings. We call it All Habs Out Loud.

You’ll notice a remarkable amount of variety written from diverse perspectives. We try to have something for everyone with one or two exceptions. We do not promote rumours nor do we provide white-space for bickering trolls.

But if you are looking for a website that would rather be right than first, then All Habs is the place for you. Your trust is very important to us. We are glad to be the source you rely on for your daily dose of Habs news and in-depth analysis.

This is your site and we do our best to reach out and connect with you. All Habs is a recognized industry leader in the use of social media. Rather than just an vehicle to push our content, we use tools like Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr to discuss issues and gather your opinions.

With close to 45,000 followers on Twitter, @All_Habs is the 11th most influential hockey account (as reported by the Edmonton Journal in an article titled “Kings of Hockey Reporting on Twitter.”) Being listed in the same neighbourhood as Bob McKenzie, Darren Dreger and The Hockey News for the second year in a row has us all feeling rather proud. But more importantly for our readers, you can be assured that no other single team media site can match our reach.

So basically All Habs is a platform where all hockey fans can meet and interact in the way they most feel comfortable whether via an informative read, interacting in a discussion forum or meeting in person. Yes, in person too. Our fan events bring passionate hockey enthusiasts together in person to meet, network and create friendships in ten cities across Canada and the United States through

How do we do it?

The backbone of All Habs is a committed team of talented people — we consider ourselves a family. There are gifted writers, many of whom are trained and experienced journalists who write from a variety of perspectives producing original content in a variety of languages. We are also photographers, video editors, event coordinators and fantasy sports experts all committed to creating premiere products and fan experiences.

Here’s just a sample of what you can expect from a few of our writers.

Stevo (@stevofarnham)
“I will offer my opinions and analysis on the Canadiens, with a special focus on goaltending. I will monitor the evolution of Carey Price and Peter Budaj, with an eye to how they stack up against their division rivals.”

Robyn (@ladyhabs)
“You can expect me to deliver a refreshing outlook on the team from a fan’s perspective. I am plugged into the Montreal community, and can usually be found watching games at pubs across the city, along with my fellow die hard Habs supporters.”

Kathy (@czechtacular)
“My focus will be on Montreal Canadiens’ prospects, playing in the AHL and CHL. You can expect daily news, multimedia clips and informative features like “Who’s This Guy?” which will be of interest to our readers who wish to keep an eye on their future Habs.”

Chantal (@habsgirl4life)
“I love to involve readers in my articles, I enjoy the interaction. I will ask for your opinion, make up quizzes, and take polls via my Twitter account so you can have your say. I will concentrate on contributing French content, but will continue to submit English articles from time to time.”

You’ve heard from us, the next steps are yours.

  1. Read our articles, leave comments to share your views.
  2. Subscribe to All Habs via RSS.
  3. Add us on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Flickr and YouTube.
  4. “Like” our website page on Facebook and browse through our photo albums.
  5. Visit our mobile site when you are on the go.
  6. Attend a Canadiens viewing party organized by Habs Tweetup.
  7. Get the best prices for Canadiens seats at the All Habs Ticket Center.
  8. Spread the word by telling your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues that you’ve found the place to connect with Habs fans.
  9. If you wish to be more involved, use the Contact Us tab to share how you can make a unique contribution to our team.

As you see, we’ve prepared for exciting season of hockey coverage. We’re thrilled that you have chosen to make All Habs a regular part of your day and we are sincerely grateful for your support. Now with the mini-break coming to an end, let’s get back to Canadiens hockey.

Go Habs Go!


The All Habs team

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Reprinted from All Habs Hockey Magazine