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1.   Who are we?

All Habs is a digital hockey magazine with a primary focus on the Montreal Canadiens. It is known as a trusted source for Habs news and in-depth analysis giving passionate fans their daily dose of all things related to their favourite team.

All Habs is a team of writers, many of whom are degreed, experienced journalists, who write from a variety of perspectives producing original content in a variety of languages.  We are also photographers, video editors and event planners all committed to creating premiere products and fan experiences.

All Habs is a network of websites having global reach and is a recognized industry leader in the use of social media.

All Habs is a platform where all hockey fans can meet and interact in the way they most feel comfortable whether via passive read, interacting in a discussion forum or meeting in person.

2.   What is our mission?

To continue to build a world-wide network of hockey fans who are informed, engaged, entertained and connected.

3.   What sets us apart?

All Habs is the most popular independent publication dedicated to covering the Montreal Canadiens, hockey and sports entertainment.

All Habs is a recognized brand in the hockey world as a trusted source for information about the Canadiens.

We have assembled a team of 18 writers who come from all walks of life to bring their unique perspective to sports fans.  This includes journalists, an accomplished photojournalist, a financial columnist, a videographer, a film-maker and an Emmy-nominated producer and reporter.

We publish original content in four languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Brazilian Portuguese

All Habs is presented in a classic magazine format.  New content doesn’t just appear at the top of the page.  Thumb through our publication to find articles in your area of interest with six categories to choose from:

  • Features
  • All Habs Headlines / Game Day
  • Game Reviews / Previews
  • Fan Focus
  • Multimedia
  • Official Releases posts consistent, regular, fresh content. Comprehensive hockey coverage spans 12 months of the year bringing stories about prospects and the development camp from Brossard when the mainstream folks have moved on to other things.

Many feature articles are recorded by a professional voice actor and are available for audio download, providing another way for visitors to enjoy our offerings.

We hold a dominant position in social media. @All_Habs is ranked as the 15th most influential hockey account on Twitter. With more than 58,000 followers, no other new media site can match our reach.

Our fan events bring committed hockey enthusiasts together in person to meet, network and create friendships in ten cities across Canada and the United States through the well-recognized All Habs Hockey Party brand.

All Habs Fantasy Sports gives sports fans one more way to engage with fellow fans through online hockey, football and baseball leagues.

4.   In summary. 

All Habs has become a recognized and trusted brand for news, opinion and analysis about the Montreal Canadiens.  We continue to attract talented contributors who help us to deliver engaging content from a variety of perspectives and help us to appeal to a broader community.

Our magazine format, top-notch writers, original multi-lingual content, voiceovers, social media dominance and fan events set us apart from anything else in the market.

We continue to meet the challenge of our ambitious plan to achieve rapid growth and connect hockey fans from all over the world.


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